1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack
  • 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack
  • 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack
  • 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack

1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack

Vet Energy is one of the famous China 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

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Product Description

CHIVET is one of the famous China 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack manufacturers and suppliers.

VET Energy is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of fuel cell parts,such asfuel cell stack, membrane electrode assembly, bipolar plate, electrolyzer, fuel cell system, catalyst, BOP part, carbon paperand other accessories.  

Over the years, passed ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system, we have gathered a group of experienced and innovative industry talents and R & D teams, and have rich practical experience in product design and engineering applications. we can customize the fuel cell according to each our customer’s requirements.

We will whole heartedly provide you with professional, excellent service and high-quality products with price advantages.

1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack


1. Product Introduction

Stack is the core part of hydrogen fuel cell, which is composed of alternately stacked  bipolar plates, membrane electrode mea, seals and front/rear plates. Hydrogen fuel cell takes hydrogen as clean fuel and converts hydrogen into electric energy through electrochemical reaction in the stack.


1000W hydrogen fuel cell stack can produce 1000W of nominal power and brings you full energy independence for various applications that require power in the range of 0-1000W.


You can charge your laptop, smartphone, radios, fans, bluetooth headphones, portable cameras, LED flashlights, battery modules, various camping devices, and many more other portable devices. UAVs, robotics applications and other unmanned vehicles, soldier power, and various other military/civilian applications can use this product as a quiet and highly efficient power generator in order to improve the operational time or flight time or generate power in the field where there is no grid infrastructure. 

2.Product Parameter

Output Performance

Nominal Power

1000 W

Nominal Voltage

 36 V

Nominal Current

27.8 A

DC Voltage Range

 32 - 55 V


 >50% at the nominal power


Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Purity

 >99.99% (CO content <1 ppm)

Hydrogen Pressure

 0.045 - 0.06 MPa

Hydrogen Consumption

 11.7L/min (at nominal power)


Environmental Characteristics

Ambient Temperature

 -5 to +35 ºC

Ambient Humidity

 10% RH to 95% RH (No misting)

Storage Ambient Temperature

 -10 to +50 ºC


 <60 dB


Physical Characteristics

System size


Total weight


3.Product Feature And Application

Product features:

Many product models and types

It can be customized according to customer requirements

Good environmental adaptability and adapt to various weather changes

Light weight, small volume, easy to install and move


Back-up power

Hydrogen bicycle

Hydrogen UAV

Hydrogen vehicle

Hydrogen energy teaching aids

Reversible hydrogen production system for power generation

Case display


4.Product Details

A controller module that manages the startup, shutdown, and all other standard functions of the fuel cell stack. A DC/DC converter will be required to convert the fuel cell power into the desired voltage and current .


This portable fuel cell stack can be easily connected with a high purity hydrogen source such as a compressed cylinder from a local gas supplier, hydrogen stored in a composite tank, or a compatible hydride cartridge to get the best performance.

1000W Discharge Curve

Test conditions:

Ambient temperature: 25℃

Stack temperature: 50℃


Rated voltage: 36V, Current: 27.8A

Rated output power: 1000W

Actual output current: 42.2A

Actual power: 1519W

Fuel cell stackconstructure:

Applications for hydrogen fuel cell:


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