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Focus on energy efficiency innovation Cohesion Green Development VET Energy Science & Technology Presentation Conference on Energy Efficiency Innovation and New Energy-saving Technology and New Products


Energy is the power source of economic and social development. In the high quality development of economy and energy, energy efficiency promotion is the key to strengthen energy security, decarbonization of national economy and promote economic growth, and it is an energy revolution.

On December 23,2021, the Zhejiang Energy efficiency Innovation and Energy Saving New Technology and New equipment Promotion Conference, sponsored by the Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission (Provincial Energy Bureau), was held in Hangzhou. This is the first exchange activity held by Zhejiang Province to explore energy efficiency innovation and a centralized display of energy efficiency innovation achievements in Zhejiang Province.Ningbo Vet Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the conference, and energy-saving new technology sharing and new products and new equipment display.

At the conference, experts, leaders and units conducted energy-related exchanges and discussions.

On the day of the conference, the exhibition hall's new products and new equipment display also attracted a lot of attention. Ningbo Vet Energy Technology Co., Ltd. mainly demonstrated the self-developed catalyst, membrane electrode, air-cooled stack system, high-power vehicle water-cooled stack, emergency power supply, hydrogen energy power vehicle and other new energy-saving products and equipment, showing the company's strong technical strength and outstanding achievements in improving product performance and advocating green energy-saving.