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1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle
  • 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle
  • 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle

1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle

Vet Energy is one of the famous China 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

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Product Description

1000W Hydrogen Fuel Stack for Electric Bicycle

Fuel cell system have several benefits over conventional Carbonic acid battery and lithium battery technologies currently used in many traditional electric bicycle .Fuel cell system can operate at higher efficiencies than Carbonic acid battery and lithium battery and can convert the chemical energy in the fuel directly to electrical energy with efficiencies capable of exceeding 60%. Fuel cell system have lower or zero emissions compared to Carbonic acid battery and lithium battery. Hydrogen fuel cell system emit only water, addressing critical climate challenges as there are no carbon dioxide emissions. Fuel cell system are quiet during operation as they have few moving parts.


One of the main components of hydrogen fuel cell is graphite Bipolar plate. In 2015,VET entered the fuel cell industry with its advantages of producing graphite Bipolar plates.Founded company Miami Advanced Material Technology Co., LTD.

After years of research and development, vet have mature technology for producing air cooling 10w-6000w Hydrogen fuel cells,UAV hydrogen fuel cell 1000w-3000w, 150W to 1000W Hydrogen Fuel Cell system for Electric Bike, the hydrogen reactor system below 1kW can be well matched on electric bicycles or motorcycles, with stable performance and high cost performance price which has been highly praised by domestic customers


Over 10000w fuel cells powered by vehicle are being developed to contribute to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.As for the biggest energy storage problem of new energy, we put forward the idea that PEM converts electric energy into hydrogen for storage and hydrogen fuel cell generates electricity with hydrogen. It can be connected with photovoltaic power generation and hydropower generation.


1.Product Introduction

1000W Fuel cell stack Boxed system , Proton exchange membrane fuel cell,Hydrogen fuel cell,A fuel cell stack will not operate stand-alone, but needs to be integrated into a fuel cell system. 

In the fuel cell system different auxiliary components such as compressors, pumps, sensors, valves, electrical components and control unit provide the fuel cell stack with a necessary supply of hydrogen, air and coolant. 

The control unit enables safe and reliable operation of the complete fuel cell system. Operation of the fuel cell system in the targeted application will require additional peripheral components i.e. power electronics, inverters, batteries, fuel tanks, radiators, ventilation and cabinet.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)



Performance parameters of fuel cell system

Temperature range of fuel cell system during normal operation:



Application range temperature

Recommended temperature

Ambient temperature



Ambient humidity




3.Product Feature And Application

A fuel cell system uses the chemical energy of hydrogen or other fuels to cleanly and efficiently produce electricity. If hydrogen is the fuel, the only products are electricity, water, and heat. Fuel cell system are unique in terms of the variety of their potential applications; they can use a wide range of fuels and feedstocks and can provide power for systems as large as a Electric Bike and as small as a laptop computer. It is portable and clean energy system.


4.Product Details

Working flow chart of fuel cell system

Gas Charging Mode:

15Mpa-40L Hydrogen cylinder and Hydrogen cylinder:

First, close the hydrogen cylinder valve when the ventilation is unobstructed, and use an open-ended wrench (S = 27) to counterclockwise tighten the left-hand connector nut at one end of the metal hose and the 4.7L hydrogen cylinder valve connector , and the other end with the (40L 15MPa) hydrogen cylinder left-hand connector nut and hydrogen cylinder valve connector counterclockwise;Open the 4.7L cylinder valve, slowly open the 40L cylinder valve, then gradually unscrew it until the pressure gauge of the 4.7L cylinder shows that the pressure is about (8 ~ 10MPa) (recommended pressure). 

First close the 4.7L hydrogen cylinder valve, and then close the 40L hydrogen cylinder valve;Loosen the left-hand connector nut of the hydrogen cylinder slightly clockwise with a wrench, discharge the gas from the metal hose, and then unscrew it.

Connection Mode

The connection mode between hydrogen cylinder and fuel cell:

The primary connector nut and cylinder valve connector can be tightened counterclockwise.Open the cylinder valve switch for direct use.


CHIVET is a fuel cell components manufacturer that specializes in high performance custom fuel cell components for product manufacturers, researchers and educators around the world.

We offer the widest selection in Metal graphite bipolar plates for Fuel Cell (PEMFC), hydrogen fuel cell stack, Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA), Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCM), Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE) ,Gas Diffusion Layers(GDL), Composite Bipolar plate, Catalysts,Membranes and so on, as well as the newest products and technologies from renowned international vendors.

We have developed cost- effective Metal graphite bipolar plates for Fuel Cell (PEMFC) which is advanced Composite bipolar plates with high electrical conductivity and good mechanical strength. The Metal bipolar plates allow fuel cells to operate at high temperatures and have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

History of CHIVET

Founded in China,Zhejiang in 2007,was originally part of one of the oldest and most recognized fuel cell Composite bipolar plate in the China, operating as Hexcarbontech’s Commercial Fuel Cell Components Division.

As a part of Hexcarbontech, the division manufactured and sold Composite bipolar plate commercially for more than 10 years. We offer the most diverse and expansive fuel cell components on the web, including products catering to educational, research and testing, and industrial applications. 

In 2017, the current operating management of the division negotiated an exclusive license with Hexcarbontech to transition the division into an independent company–CHIVET company relocated to Zhejiang pro., to allow for faster and cheaper distribution throughout the China and world.

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