Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Bench
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test BenchHydrogen Fuel Cell Test Bench

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Bench

Vet Energy is one of the famous China Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Bench manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Bench. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation.

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Product Description

 VET Energy is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of fuel cell parts,such asfuel cell stack, membrane electrode assembly,bipolar plate, PEMelectrolyzer, fuel cell system, hydrogen generator system, fuel cell test bench, catalyst,carbon paper andBOP parts.

Over the years,passed ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system, we have gathered a group of experienced and innovative industry talents and R & D teams, and have rich practical experience in product design and engineering applications. we can customize the fuel cell according to each our customer’s requirements.

We will whole heartedly provide you with professional, excellent service and high-quality products with price advantages.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Bench


1.Product Introduction

This hydrogen fuel cell test bench independently developed and produced by our company. It is used to test the constant voltage, constant current, power, performance and life of hydrogen fuel cell.

The test bench is applied to the equipment that automatically tests the working status and performance indexes of the user's hydrogen fuel cell. The equipment consists of mobile test bench and auxiliary connection cables, and is equipped with hydrogen timing exhaust device, DC programmable electronic load, dual DC power supply, hydrogen flowmeter and other equipments.

The equipment requires professionals to move it to the operation position and fix it, connect the cable to the tested device, check the power supply and the gas source, and start the software according to the instructions displayed by the computer. The system can automatically set the test conditions, obtain the test results, and the output test results can be displayed on the computer monitor, and can be stored in the computer or anUSB drive if necessary.


Parameters for Fuel Cell Test Bench



Gas supply part

Can be placed with 16 bottles of 15MPa and 40L cylinders

The test accuracy of pressure sensor, temperature &humidity sensor and flow meter is better than±0.5%

Adopt two-stage pressure reducing device, each stage pressure can be adjusted, which esnure it accuracy and reliability.

The flowmeter is installed in the medium pressure section, which is convenient to check theinstantaneous and cumulative flow.

Solenoid valve inlet and outlet, with automatic and manual valves,including external pipelines and plugs.

DC power supply part

Can provide dual-circuit DC power, single 0-60V voltage adjustable, current range 0-5A






Loads part




The load part is programmable electronic load, computer host and industrial display

Max power: 3000W, max current: 500A, max voltage: 500V

Support synchronous load of 16 loads to meet the test needs of multi-channel output power supply

Support synchronous paralleling of 16 loads to meet the power expansion needs of single output power supply

500KHz synchronous sampling, 10Hz, 100ua, 0.1mv stable resolution output.

Voltage / current ripple (VPP / IPP), peak value (VP + / IP +) and valley value (VP - / IP -) measurement.

four basic operation modes: constant current, constant voltage, constant power and constant resistance.

Support real LED simulation function

Support load effect measurement

Support time measurement (timing)

Support overvoltage protection (OVP) test

Support short circuit simulation function.

Support battery internal resistance and battery test.

Support von and Voff functions

Support overvoltage protection (OVP) test

Support load effect measurement

Support current waveform monitoring output.


3.Product Feature And Application

Product features:

Fully integrated and compact

Precise gas flow control

Precise temperature and humidity control

Precise electronic load for fuel cell

Multiple security functions

The software has complete functions.


Suitable for PEMFC single cell.


4.Product Details

Introduction of the system components




Hydrogen pressure gauge


Air pressure gauge




Hydrogen flow meter


Display screen




Hydrogen-rotor flowmeter


Air-rotor flowmeter


Hydrogen pressure regulating valve


Air pressure regulator


Hydrogen switch


Air switch


Lighting switch


Solenoid valve switch


Solenoid valve (left is intake, right is exhaust)


Exhaust time display (adjustable)


Adjustable DC regulated power supply


Scram button


Load negative input


Load positive input


Programmable DC electronic load






Computer host




Hydrogen gas supply part is:

1-Hydrogen pressure gauge:, shows the hydrogen pressure

4-Hydrogen flow meter: used to display hydrogen instantaneous flow, cumulative flow

7-Hydrogen-rotor flowmeter:Adjust the hydrogen flow, increase anticlockwise and decrease clockwise, adjustable from 0-10L/min flow.

9-Hydrogen pressure regulating valve: adjust the hydrogen pressure, lower anticlockwise, larger clockwise, 0-0.4 MPa pressure adjustable.

11- Hydrogen switch: It is used to open and close the hydrogen output.

14-Solenoid valve switch:control solenoid valve powered on.

15-Solenoid valve: used to control the hydrogen interval exhaust, left is the inlet valve, right is the exhaust valve.

16-Exhaust time display (adjustable): control the solenoid valve opened and closed in an interval time cycle, three keys: mode selection, key, subtract key.


The air supply part is:

2-Air pressure gauge: display the air pressure

8-Air-rotor flowmeter: adjust the air flow,increase anticlockwise and decrease clockwise, adjustable from 0-10L/min flow.

10-Air pressure regulator: adjust air pressure, lower anticlockwise, larger clockwise, 0-0.4 MPa pressure adjustable.

12-Air switch: Open and close the air output


The load section is:

5-Display screen

19 and 20-Loads input port

21-DC electronic load

24-Computer host

Electronic load can be operated by panel or PC end computer operation.


The power supply part is:

17- Adjustable DC regulated power supply

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